Teaching Philosophy 

I believe that all someone needs is the desire to learn, and anything is possible. Each student is unique and comes to the lesson tee with very different strengths and life experiences. It is my responsibility to recognize the qualities and skills brought to the lesson tee by each person, and connect them to the game of golf. I tap into the strengths of each student through communication and collaboration as we work together to achieve his/her goals. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I believe that a positive and enjoyable learning environment will produce great and long-lasting results.

Bob Halloran of SportsCenter 5 and Cathy

Bob Halloran of SportsCenter 5 and Cathy


"Cathy gave me back my game of golf. Prior to losing my vision I was an avid golfer. As a blind golfer I was happy just to be out on the course and hit a ball. Since working with Cathy, I now am..." Read more

"My experience with Cathy has been nothing short of miraculous to this point. I have gone from a not so confident 5 handicapper down to a very confident scratch golfer in just about 6..." Read more

“Cathy has proven herself a leader among golf instructors. Her legions of satisfied students populate the Northeast and she has earned a reputation as one of the premier teachers..." Read more