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Balance Rod

Balance... the key to all things good in Golf. The Balance Rod will let you know if you are setup, swinging, or making a stroke in balance. Stand on the rod and your toes and heels will be barely on the ground. Move to your toes or heels and the rod will magnify your movement. Your brain adjusts instantly and you will be rock solid.

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Orange Whip

Orange Whip

The Orange Whip is one of my favorite training tools. I use it every day to warm up before I play or hit balls. It is versatile, dynamic and the most effective swing aid on the market. It will not only help to improve your golf swing, it will also give you a great core-muscle workout!

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Impact Bag-no DVD

Impact Bag

Every player attempts to get the club on line and square at impact. A breakdown of the left wrist and collapse of the leading arm at that moment are two of the most common problems faced by players of all skill levels. Using the impact bag will help you eliminate some of those inconsistencies and allow you to create more reliable ball contact.

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Perfect Pendulum (Rod)

The Perfect Pendulum Rod

This versatile training aid with a telescoping attachment improves virtually every aspect of your golf game. Whether you’re working to improve your pendulum-putting stroke or to keep your hands ahead of the club while chipping, the Perfect Pendulum Rod is the perfect tool to improve both consistency and accuracy on the green and off.

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Golf Training Aids

This is the best training aid site in the industry! Great service and great people! Click on the link and get 10% off at check out! Or if you’d rather call, the number is 1-800-367-6279. Give them the discount code #166125 to get the Cathy MacPherson Golf 10% discount.

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